Three friends and I rang in 2020 in Johannesburg, South Africa and we had one of THE best airbnb experiences ever at Villa Lechlade! Each of us had a beautiful suite, spacious private bathrooms and if that wasn’t enough, outdoor showers! The space was beyond amazing but to be honest, the service we received from the staff – which included a chef *raises a pinky* – was top notch!

Travel changes you, that’s the bottom line. Experiencing Villa Lechlade upped my desire for luxuriating! LOL. Imagine waking up to the buzz of nature, breakfast is ready and served outside, everything is fresh, it’s Summer in December, yummy flapjacks you won’t get over and the sweetest staff is at your service! AND you’re with friends who barely have a serious bone in their bodies. I seriously want to experience this goodness all over again!

So below is a highlight reel of my room + some of my favorite bits from the rest of the house. For a detailed look at the property including the other 3 bedrooms, go check Kelly. For a super fun video diary of the whole trip, Gavyn killed it over here and to see more of TJs photography take a quick dip here!

If you find yourself planning a trip to Johannesburg and wanna luxuriate, book Villa Lechlade with the quickness!