New York is growing on me. Though the flurry of big cities overwhelms me, she’s drawing me in and after a 9 day affair, I miss her!

With each trip I’ve made, I’ve realized that New York has been more welcoming than I anticipated. Thanks to my online connections, which have blossomed into real life adventures, I’ve been able to navigate the city and experience more than I could’ve planned.

Truthfully, I’m never the same after an adventure. There’s no way I can remain unchanged, especially after having been in spaces I’d never imagined. Travel truly is one of the best teachers and this recent trek to New York affirmed 3 things for me.

// Investing in yourself will never come back void \\
I went to New York with Samsung (check out my video diary here). If I’d kept it at that I’d have been back in my bed the next day. Instead, I invested in myself and decided to stay longer. With the help of my friend, Kelly, I RSVP’d for events and got to hang out with her and online friends that are now my sisters IRL. From black girl magic shoots, dance fests, laughs to breathtaking views from my hotel bed – WORTH IT!

// There are special spaces you’ll find yourself in, be seen and \\
I had some WTF moments in New York. Moments where I literally said WTF is happening and how did I get here! The biggest moment was finding myself in a seat at Tamron Hall‘s table. I had the honour of being part of an intimate 20 person dinner to celebrate Tamron’s new talk show on ABC. Guests worthy of mention, Sam Barry Editor-in-Chief of Glamour Mag, Phillip Picardi Editor-in-Chief of Out Magazine and Tamron’s amazing team of producers from ABC. Also a legit girl-crush of mine Karen from Brit Chick was seated on my right and I got to gush over her style and how she’s the reason I own snake skin cowboy boots! Did I mention that we were the first sitting at Reverence, the new restaurant in Harlem’s Striver’s Row helmed by Chef Russell Jackson. No big deal but honestly WTF!!!!

// If you meet someone who has truly impacted your journey, thank them! \\
One of the guests at Tamron’s dinner was THE Bevy Smith. A woman I’ve felt a kinship to for over a decade. A woman who proved, and still proves, that someone who looks like us can be IT! I took a moment at the dinner to share how she has been a part of my journey and thanked her for showing me how to take up space. Meeting your heroes is never a bad thing, that moment I had to show appreciation, is one I will cherish forever!

So when I look at my bank account and think back to all that I experienced – Bloody WORTH IT!

Hope you love this look I shot in NY.

Skirt – Target Who What Wear | Dress – H&M [here]  | Shoes – Asos | Belt Bag – Penningtons | Glasses – Mr Price