yoga day 9 & 10: the torture chamber

I have to be honest, the last two days have been TOUGH! The notion that the hot room is a torture chamber became a reality to me on day 9 and 10.
According to Kristin, an instructor and the owner of Bikram Yoga Halifax, it will get tough at least for the next few more days and then it will be easier after the halfway mark. Boy, I can’t wait for day 16! For now I push on, one pose at a time.
Here’s to looking like a fox!


  1. Jan macLeod says:

    Mo – I love your website. I saw you on CTV and you blew my mind – the class and grace you show makes you runway material.
    I am moving to Halifax soon with my hubbie. Our four adult kids have all moved there and since they show no signs of coming back home to
    P.E. Island – we’re following them. I NEED GRANBABIES!
    Some day we may meet as I love fashion and hunt the second hangers wherever I go.
    You’ve made me smile – I needed a smile today among all my boxes!
    Keep spreading your smile and hope and cheer!

    1. lionhunter says:

      you will LOVE Halifax! Thank you for writing to me! Hope you get some grand babies SOON! xx