Retinol is something I’ve heard friends rave about and I regret not jumping on the bandwagon earlier! You would think that with my extremely problematic skin, I would’ve tripped trying to get my hands on a bottle! But, better late than never (amiright!?) because thanks to the ground breaking launch of Olay Retinol24, I can now personally attest to the power of this skincare ingredient!

Olay peaked my interest in retinol and if you’re not using it currently, I’m sure you have the same questions I had. Here are a few!

What is retinol? It’s a type of Vitamin A that encourages our skin to replenish itself and bring in new skin!

Why am I trusting Olay Retinol24? Olay has been researching retinol for 20 years!! Their team has been dedicated to learning this ingredient and perfecting their formulas. Also, honestly, it’s impressive to see a brand dedicated to evolving with its customers. My mom has used Olay for decades and still uses their products!

What can retinol do for you? Retinol has so many benefits, some of which I am already starting to see myself!
– Improves fine lines and wrinkes
– Improves skin texture
– Brightens skin tone
– Diminishes dark spots and acne scars
– Improves collagen production
– Improves hyaluronic acid production

When should you use retinol? You can use Olay Retinol24 products everyday but specifically at night because retinol, as an ingredient, is sensitive to UV rays and can break down when exposed. We don’t want that at all! Psst – don’t forget that sunscreen in the morning!

How often should you use retinol? A misconception is that you can only use retinol once or twice a week because it will be too irritating to your skin. But actually, Olay’s NEW Retinol24 has been designed with a unique blend of vitamin B3, retinol complex and amino-peptides so that its gentle enough for EVERYDAY USE. The numbers don’t lie!

How long does it take for retinol to work? With using any new skincare, one of the hardest things is being patient! I can attest to this. One thing to remember is that our skin naturally turns over in a month, so give yourself at least a month to see any improvements! With Olay Retinol24 expect to see results within 28 days!

I’ve been using Olay’s Retinol24 every day now. Scroll down to see my before and after photos from my first month of consistent use. I’m seriously shook at how my dark spots are diminishing – YAY! I’ve seen differences in the texture of my skin tone, especially when I put makeup on, it just blends so much better! Also, my skin is not as dull and now has a brightness to it that I can’t get over!  I’m so looking forward to hearing your own Olay Retinol24 success stories!

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