So here’s the honest truth, I haven’t been a fan of my skin for a VERY long time. I’ve struggled with hyperpigmentation, acne breakouts, dullness and rough skin texture all through adulthood. It used to make me feel sad that I couldn’t remember how it felt to have great skin but not anymore. Since I started my partnership with Olay for the launch of their Retinol24 line, the promise of skin I am proud of is within my reach!

It’s been 5 months since I incorporated Olay Retinol24 Night Serum into my combination skin’s nighttime routine. After I’ve cleansed my face, I apply the serum first and give it a few moments to really seep into my skin. Because the formulation is so gentle and I didn’t experience any irritation, I use it every single night, without fail, before applying the rest of my regimen which includes lactic, ascorbic and hyaluronic acids and a moisturizer. When I added the serum to my routine, I paid close attention to my skin for the first week to see if combining it with the acids I already use would cause my skin to react negatively. There we no counter reactions as the serum fit into my routine so seamlessly!

Within the first 3 weeks, that natural skepticism that we all have when we start using a new product started to go away. The first thing I noticed, in the first week, was my skin getting brighter, the dullness I’d gotten accustomed to, was no longer there. This made me wish I’d tried retinol a long time ago! but better late than never, amirite!? Looking back, I remember trying to achieve the brightness I have now by using a vitamin C serum. I honestly didn’t stick with it because I didn’t notice any changes as fast as I did when I incorporated Olay Retinol24 Night Serum. On top of seeing the effects pretty quickly, I was also happy that I didn’t experience any redness, irritation nor dry skin. My combination skin welcomed retinol with open pores,HA!

Seeing my skin getting brighter gave me an extra push to be disciplined about my nighttime routine. Month by month, my results of adding the product to my regimen kept getting better. This is the full rundown of what I’ve seen.
– goodbye dull skin and hello to a bright renewed canvas
– visible fading of dark spots
– even skin tone as hyperpigmentation lessened
– all-around smoother skin

Reaching for my Olay Retinol24 Night Serum is a no brainer, every single night! If a serum is not for you, Olay Retinol24 is also available in an eye cream and face cream – so you can pick and choose whatever works best in your routine! Because I want to continue seeing results and don’t want to undo the work the serum has done for my skin already, I wear sunscreen every day, without fail! If you’re ready to incorporate a skincare game changer to your routine, go to and don’t forget to protect your skin when you head outside!