If you’ve followed my style journey from jump, you know that I never shy away from mixing prints and I will try things at least once.

Some would say, it’s my thing! That thing that I do without thinking and that certain something I can do so effortlessly with a touch of “I ain’t afraid of nothing!”

When Navabi invited me to go wild on their site and pick up some things, one thing I wanted to make sure of was that I’d pick pieces I could create a whole look with and show off the brand.

This is it, in all it’s mixed print glory, just waiting for you to take the inspiration that you need from it and run!


p.s not a sponsored post, just happy to share this fashion goodness with you!

Jacket (here) which I also styled in my Paris look (here) | Striped Badass Sleeve Top (here) | Floral Jacquard Pants (here) |