love local halifax | waxon waxbar + giveaway

Halifax continues to grow as more brands find a home in this budding city. Waxon Waxbar is a new comer to the east coast offering wax services to both men and women. I had the opportunity to meet the founder, Lexi Miles who was such a wonderful host.
Here are my 5 favorites things about Waxon Waxbar
1. 3 types of waxes that cater to different hair types.
2. Cohesive branding, from the walls to the wax rooms and the product lines all make sense!
3. A comprensive after-wax product line. For the past month I’ve been using the Citrus Twist Loofah Scrub, Prince Reigns Ingrown Hair Serum, On The Rocks and Body Shot. These products are amazing! The serum for ingrown hairs is my favorite and I’ve even got my brother using it!
4. Online Booking System | If you’re constantly within earshot of someone, you don’t have to book a brazilian over the phone, because privacy.
5.¬†One of you lucky readers will get a chance to have two complimentary services of your choice. All you have to do is comment below and I’ll pick a winner on Friday June 19.


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