At the beginning of the year, a friend shared a caption she’d seen online – live a life better than your Instagram feed – I received it as a personal challenge that I wanted to take on. One of my goals for 2018 is to be on a flight each month. Short of March, I’m right on target! I’ve been away for the last 2 months at home in South Africa and Zimbabwe and I was semi-unplugged from the digital world. I can truly say that in that time, I lived better than my Instagram feed.

My mornings began with me writing in my journal while I ate peanut butter porridge my grandma had made. She would sit next to me, letting me write and only a handful of times, she asked what I was writing. I shared some of my personal desires during this ritual that I treasured. It set the tone for my day.

In daily interactions with family and friends – my quest to live better than the gram – I experienced the purest gestures of love for me. The full gamut of Love Languages were sent my way. If you’ve never heard of the term Love Languages, it’s essentially the actions that prove to you that someone loves you and vice versa. There are 5 principles – words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time and physical touch. I took it all in and savoured all the moments I got to spend with others.

So what did I do truly live better than my Instagram feed?

1. Started my mornings full of intention and gratitude. I wrote down things that I was thankful for, things that would make my day great and an affirmation to myself.
2. I allowed myself a limited amount of time to document my experiences and then I’d put my phone away and be dedicated to my company and surroundings. In these instances, I didn’t abandon my role as a content creator, instead monitored how much time I devoted to it.
3. As a content creator, you’re constantly aware of your movements and the content you’ll potentially create wherever you end up. That shit can be draining. So, I allowed myself to have moments where I documented nothing. I was fully present and freed my mind from its creative teeter.

Are you living a life that’s better than your Instagram feed? Are you allowing yourself to enjoy your interactions without hindering them by the need to capture every moment? Let me know how you’re living or any thoughts you have!


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