During one of my work trips to Toronto in August I stayed at the Kimpton Saint George. Because the hotel was booked for me, I chose to not have a prior look to see its aesthetic. As a result, I had a genuine reaction to seeing everything for the first time.

The Kimpton Saint George’s lobby is absolutely stunning! First of all, it boasts a modern vibe with tropical decor elements that are completely instagrammable. Therefore, I knew I’d be back to take pictures.

After a quick and happy check in, I walked into my room and was greeted by dark green and cyan tones. Because of the moody feel, fun pops of colour came from the art, an accent chair and its cushion. Furthermore, there was a luxe factor from the gold in electrical appliances and bathroom fixtures.

Most noteworthy and yet so simple, was the delightful text I received from David. He had checked me in earlier and  wanted to make sure I was settling in well and that everything was ok. This was unexpected and completely welcomed!

Above all, I believe we all judge a hotel based on service and cleanliness. Similarly, I like to gauge the shower experience, room service & how I sleep. It’s safe to say that I’m a total fan of the Kimpton Saint George because the shower was heavenly, as was the quality of the bed and bedding!

I ordered lunch – roast beef sandwich & apple crumble – through room service and the meal was delicious. Though I regretted sleeping in and not waking up in time to try their breakfast menu, I remain impressed by my first Kimpton experience!

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