yoga day 8: curvy yoga

A thought came across my mind yesterday as I was stretching my head towards my knee in a pose.
My wonderful teacher then says that the head and the knee were supposed to touch and the first thought that came to mind was “my belly is in the way” I giggled inwardly through my little moment of frustration and returned my focus on my breathing and finishing my class. It led me to later think whether other curvy girls like myself have little moments of frustration like I did when I couldn’t do a pose. My frustration didn’t last at all, I just reminded myself that I was in class, I was doing something about it and have 9 heat filled sessions under my belt.  I am choosing to focus on each class and doing the best I can do one pose at a time!


  1. Mo you have the best attitude and it’s truly inspiring :)
    Keep up with great work girlie !


    1. lionhunter says:

      thank you darling!!

  2. Anna says:

    Oh, yeah — I totally relate to that! You’re welcome to check out some tips on my site, Curvy Yoga, if you’d like. For example, in forward bends like that, you can experiment with moving your belly skin to practice more comfortably and come more deeply into the pose. Happy yoga-ing! :)

    1. misslionhunter says:

      thanx Anna, will check out your site!!!