Clutch Culture has a home!

You read right!!! (This is the  BIG NEWS I mentioned at the start of the new year)
Clutch Culture now has a home right on Queen Street!!! Second Storey is a store that celebrates the found, made and local beauty of Halifax.  You will find gems that showcase each partner’s aesthetic ranging from vintage clothing and artwork to jewellery.  I am SOOO honored to now be a part of this venture, a venture I have been excited about since day one as three of the 5 partners are already my boos! (Mimi, Nadine & Bianca) I look forward to getting to know the other girls and celebrating their artistry!  This month I’m at the store on Fridays from 12pm to 6pm! So while you are thinking of that outfit to rock for a night out on the weekend, think of Second Storey and come check out some great pieces in the store and say hi!!!!!
Tomorrow I will be taking some clutches to the store that are on clearance from the holidays + some vintage gems I’ve accumulated!
So happy and beyond grateful! #happythankyoumoreplease
1526 Queen Street
Halifax, N.S
Open Tuesday to Saturday 12pm to 6pm
follow Second Storey on Facebook HERE to keep out with all the new merch! and stay in touch with Lion Hunter on facebook too! 

p.s. don’t fret to all my international customer’s whatever is in the store will be on the site too!