Button-down dress, the quintessential piece in my closet that I searched for far and wide! The closest I found was this one from NY&C’s collaboration with Gabrielle Union. However, when I started looking, I was obsessed with red and so it had to be in red and white.

Because I couldn’t find the button-down dress I wanted, I decided to have my seamstress in Zimbabwe make one for me when I went home. I have shelves of fabric I’ve bought over the years, just waiting for their chance to be used. Rather than shop for fabric, lo and behold, I had the perfect red and white striped cotton with enough yardage for a dress!

I wore my quintessential button-down dress to dinner in August and I completely felt amazing in it. Maybe when I’m not dressed up, I can just moonlight as a candy striper! HA!

Hope you love it!

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 Dress – Custom Made | Shoes – JC Penney  | Earrings – Lovisa (South Africa) | Hat – Asos