Living in a small city that is predominantly white, it's easy for women of color to have moments when they forget their own beauty. And, it's no secret that mainstream media doesn't and may never have a clear representation of how diverse our world is. But, there are little pockets of joy that we experience when there are niche events that happen to celebrate

In December I caught a few shows during Atlantic Fashion Week. This is one of the looks I wore, comfortable but with the right amount of character. The mix of stripes and the snake skin pom pom heels never ceases to make me happy! Also, I pray that my Beyonce

This past summer we partnered with Tourism Prince Edward Island for a culinary adventure on the island. Ten couldn't travel with me so it turned into a solo 4 hour road trip. This was my first time to PEI and I was truly blown away! The island is BEAUTIFUL and the

2016 has definitely been one of my best style years! I allowed it to evolve, I let it be as bright as it wanted to be and it. was. glorious!!! I thought it'd be hard for me to pick my top looks but the stand outs really shone brightly

Wearing brighter colors when it's cold outside makes you feel a little better about tackling it and somehow always makes people you cross paths with a little happier. Our common thread for these looks

This is one of those unicorn type posts where I'm in colors you're not used to seeing me in. In my final post as a Le Ch√Ęteau Style Ambassador for 2016, I'm sharing a NYE worthy look. I've heard that how you ring in the new year

We partnered with Ford Canada for a quick adventure to Escape and Discover in our very own backyard! Equipped with the brand spanking new 2017 Ford Escape and some spending money, Ten and I decided to have a sibling dinner date, perfect as our last

How about one last fall(ish) hoorah, before we're completely engulfed by all the snow the weatherman is threatening us with. Though, if you've been following this blog from jump, you know I ain't afraid of shooting in the dead of winter. For my November style...

When I saw this dress at H&M, I imagined this would be something that Joan Carol Clayton (Tracee Ellis Ross in Girlfriends) would wear while in her home. She always had it together even on a chill day. I find myself wearing this when I'm...