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I’ve never thought I looked good in a fro, it seems that there’s a science to rocking one. You gotta have the right comb, some good pat down skills and some good product. Recently I’ve been able to try MotionsĀ® Hair Care. I experimented with the collection of hair care products till I found the combination that best suits me! Here are the steps I took to come up with my glorious tiny fro!

1. Cleaned and conditioned my hair with Motions Active Moisture Lavish Shampoo & Conditioner.
2. Applied Motions Active Moisture Leave-in Detangler coupled with a wide-tooth comb to detangle and help fortify my strands.
3. Massaged Motions Versatile Texture Defining Cream on my towel-dried hair. THIS was the stand out for me, a GREAT pre-styling foundation
4. Motions Stimulating Scalp Balm was applied after I banded my hair into braids because I wanted to stretch it out without blow-drying it.
5. The next day I undid the braids, used a pick comb to let the afro bloom.
6. Spritzed a couple pumps of Motions Radiating Hair Gloss to finish the look.

I’ve loved tinkering with this product line and discovering how it affects my hair. I love how extensive the line is and above all how it’s gotten me back to really taking care of my hair now that I’m growing it out again. There are other products that I’m yet to try, I’m sure with time I’ll share those with you too and let you know how my hair is doing!

This is a sponsored post, however ALL opinions are my own and this product line has indeed become part of my hair care regimen.
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