The excitement of an upcoming adventure has me in the mood to share a really cool place that I stayed at when I was in Atlanta last October. While I was planning my solo trip to Georgia, I found myself on Airbnb searching for a home for a couple of days. The moment I found this newly-restored historic property, I knew I had to stay there.

Upon arriving, the hosts gave me a tour of the home and were able to answer any questions I had in regards to the area, getting around and were fully equipped with recommendations! I was happy to learn I was within close distance to some cools things which I share a little while ago here.

The property took my breath away! I’m the type of traveler that needs a bit of luxe at the end of the day; I need a hot shower, a good bed and I appreciate being in a space that has been designed with care and thought! This home, gave me all the above.

The hosts, Tracy and Parks were an absolute joy to be around. Their hospitality added that little indescribable something to an already perfect experience of staying in their home, having the time of my life in Atlanta and not feeling anxious at all on a solo trip! One more note, There are 2 other suites on the property that are just as incredible. Check out Suite 2 and Suite 1

Isn’t it just absolutely GORGEOUS!!?